Landhof Pavilion and Recreation Area

  • Year: 2013
  • Location: Basel, CH
  • Program: Public
  • Floor Area: 980m2
  • Status: Competition
  • Collaborators: Lukas Raeber, Thomas Stegmaier Rapp Architekten AG, Andy Sch√∂nholzer Westpol Landschaftsarchitekten AG

  • The project is based on a wooden structure that is as simple as it is logical. The choice of a wooden structure creates a clear break with the neighbouring large-scale steel exhibition centre buildings, blending easily into the surroundings of the Landhof, a green oasis in the city. The new building is a rudimentary and accessible structure that responds playfully and atmospherically to the location and its users. The building is a system which the users can adjust, consisting of a fixed structure of load-bearing elements and mobile fields between them. Through moving individual parts, the structure is continually transforming in relation to the time of day, season and weather conditions. The moveable wall elements can also be placed in different positions in accordance with requirements for exchange, change or intimacy.