The South Campus of Miami, a concrete presence and urban collective

  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Program: Public
  • Floor Area: 600000m2
  • Status: Design Studio
  • Students:¬†Jessica Abecassis, Abdulrahman Allam, Ebraheem Alhusain, Sandra Camejo Minns, Marcus Riley, Nicolle Janek, Nicholas Meury, Yating Yang, Ashley Katz, Konstantina Kritharidou, Melissa Ledezma, Luis Delgado

  • The South Campus of the Miami Dade Junior College in Kendall was built from 1961-1971 by the architects Pancoast, Ferendino, Grafton and Skeels, later Spillis and Candela.

    The campus is conceived as a compact urban complex in the midst of typical suburban sprawl. The buildings are individual, but strongly unified by their geometric masses and the use of exposed concrete and precast paneled walls. Generous roof overhangs produce pronounced shades and shadows. Although the buildings are solid elements, open space runs into and through them. The campus features a large variety of facilities, sizes and types and is thereby a very important urbanistic ensemble in the growing metropolitan area of Miami.

    The structure of all buildings is concrete, poured in textured patterns and left unfinished as maintenance free surfaces. This material expression and reduced structural language serves as the courses principle. The understanding of architecture and especially of city structures is a constant changing and demanding environment. Therefor the objectives are analyzing the actual needs of the Miami Colleges and identifying the potential on site, regarding architecture and urban planning. The projects are responding to questions related to housing, education, culture, infrastructure and landscape.