Casino Mythenquai, Diploma ETH Zurich

  • Year: 2008
  • Location: Zurich, CH
  • Program: Public
  • Floor Area: 9000m2
  • Status: Diploma
  • Professors: Gregor Eichinger, Markus Jung

  • As an urban design response to the site, the project positions itself as a long, extended volume, which is dissolved in horizontal, independent glazed bodies. This glazed conglomerate reflects the tradition of pavilions set within park landscapes. This strategy generates a strong spatial diversity to the outside and to the inside. By means of its reflections, intersections and penetrations, the project interlocks with its context and becomes an almost natural part of it. During the daytime, the filigree, glazed facades of the single volumes mirror the surrounding. At night, this impression is reversed by revealing the vivid interior urbanity to the outside.